Simple Truth created a responsive website to better reflect GTCR’s industry dominance and their unique investment approach, which begins with their Leaders Strategy™.

  • The home page turns what GTCR does best — building fruitful working partnerships with CEOs — into an engaging and interactive experience.

  • From front to back, the site evokes the human side of private equity through warm photography and videos, including bios that allow the firm’s leaders to speak personally to users.

  • Because detailed investment information is critical for site visitors, we designed a user experience that collapses content into snapshot layers, which are easy to parse and build a best-in-class experience.

Feature videos

The best way to activate a brand is to live it. And since GTCR’s secret to success lies in the way people work together, we wanted to capture that in their own words. A series of polished video conversations between GTCR leaders and their company CEOs captures the benefits of these partnerships firsthand.

  • The brand’s differentiators have a powerful voice, so we gave them the mic.