In 2014 and 2015, we worked with Choose Chicago to activate a steady stream of ambitious goals set for the city by mayor Rahm Emanuel and his team. This work included representing Chicago’s makers (in film, music, business and tech) at SXSW twice. Our “Meet the Chicago Makers” campaign put these artists and entrepreneurs at the forefront, demonstrating quickly and vibrantly Chicago’s place at the leading edge.

  • Both years, we commissioned a local street artist to create an original piece of art that would guide the design of Chicago’s presence, online and off. This was the inaugural work by Chris Silva.

  • The centerpiece of any full-on SXSW presence is the booth. Choose’s was a lively spot for powering up and connecting with real Chicago makers.

  • The Chicago Made concept carried through to an anthemic giveaway bag with maker profile cards, T-shirts and more.

  • A digital hub was created to house Chicago music, film and interactive events along with makers' bios and the full schedule of speakers and performers at the Chicago booth.

Sponsored promotion

Choose Chicago saw an opportunity to turn their American Express–sponsored fall promo into a truly premier and exclusive experience. Chicago “insider” celebrities were paired with key fall events, giving travelers and locals alike a peek at the city through their eyes.

  • The campaign featured a series of interviews with notable Chicagoans Curtis Duffy, Ikram Goldman, Nick Cave, Martha Lavey and Monique Meloche.

  • Each celebrity was asked for their take on a notable Chicago fall event (including EXPO CHICAGO, David Bowie Is at the MCA and The Great Chicago Fire Festival). Their stories were used to create digital ads and a page on the Choose Chicago site.


For a lot of the Midwest, this town’s just big enough and just far enough away to leave potential visitors on the fence between “Should I stay home or should I go?” This regional campaign gave them countless reasons why there’s no funner time than summertime in Chicago.

  • We created the Live Big campaign, featuring a series of broadcast and digital quick-hit video ads to show what would-be travelers could be missing out on.

  • We partnered with Orbitz to create interactive rich-media experiences housing schedules, promotions and travel information.