This new view of history started with fresh ways of looking at everything. For mainline advertising, this meant blurring the lines by mixing present-day stories with those of the past and giving artifacts a life of their own.

  • Flagship advertising provided the perfect opportunity to showcase the museum’s unique take on making “old” relics pop.

Lincoln bicentennial

Along came the bicentennial of America’s most iconic president, with every history-based institution going all-out with major exhibitions. The Chicago History Museum didn’t want to follow suit, so the question we asked was, “WWALD?” We figured Abe Lincoln would make it less about him and more about the people. (And how he was just like the rest of us.)

  • It started with a display hub inside the museum where people could find out about all things Lincoln in Chicago and grab a postcard to share a slice of Abe’s life with someone else.

  • Keeping in line with portraying Abe as a man of the people, guerrilla tactics like these coffee sleeves provided bite-sized tidbits about the man that made him real.

  • A mid-year promotional campaign gave people everywhere a chance to Lincolnize themselves and their friends on Flickr through a contest that drove user content for advertising through the summer.

(Extra) special programming

From an inside look into the speakeasy to Hot Dog Fest to revealing things you never knew about the things you think you know, we helped create unique online destinations for all kinds of exclusive programs. Because this kind of stuff doesn’t happen every day. At least, not like this. Except in Chicago.

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