Live awesome

AVA is a first-of-its-kind apartment brand specifically for city-loving millennials. We helped them embrace a bold new approach of leading with lifestyle rather than the hard sell, and building relationships instead of just buildings. We started with what was at the heart of the lifestyle they promised. Their simple truth, “Activate social,” is about energizing and being energized by the community and self-expression. And it goes into everything they do.

  • The website, from branded messaging to local neighborhood pages for each community, reflects AVA’s energy and style — and even presents individual apartment units through the same lens.

  • Smaller communication pieces like this are short on marketing speak to keep the info focused on what their audience really wants to know.

  • Stemming from AVA’s simple truth and their “energized by the neighborhood” ideology, videos like the launch promo for AVA 55 Ninth, in San Francisco, were purposefully lower budget and lower production.

Live modern. Live up.

Avalon is modern, elevated apartment living. The brand’s audience is broad, spanning from 30- to 50-somethings. But what they have in common is a desire for high-end living that’s not high and mighty — effortless, earned luxury. Starting with the idea that it’s not just where you live but how, Simple Truth created an identity and materials that communicate what it means to “Live up.”

  • People love living at Avalon for a reason. We made sure things like the Avalon website reflected that good life promise — without going over the top.

  • From mini-brochures to welcome kits, everything was crafted to provide a custom look and feel.

  • We designed property signage based on the realization that it's one of the first impressions a prospective resident has when they visit a location — and the last thing in their rearview mirror when they drive away.

  • As with each of the other two brands, we executed comprehensive guidelines as a platform for bringing the brand to life through environments and communications in character. This baseline has worked well, not just for their team and ours but also for the vendors, contractors and partners they work with, to align everyone around the brand in the right way.

Value living

Aimed at young families, eaves had to appeal to a value-conscious consumer. Simple Truth worked closely with the architects and the market research to create and name a fresh, no-frills brand that emphasizes smart, sensible living: a home that feels like it’s truly yours in a community where you feel at home.

  • People naturally like to be shown and not told. So we kept the eaves website fresh and light, thoughtful and straightforward, to help prospects know they found their place.

Alive behind it all

Simple Truth did the undoable for AvalonBay’s corporate presence: We convinced the REIT to think about how they show up and about themselves. Their ever-growing understanding of the power of brand motivated a corporate identity refresh and led them to launch new and powerful corporate responsibility initiatives.

  • When AvalonBay made the leap from product to audience relationships for their brands, they realized they should include their corporate image as well. Their new website became a conversation about living your lifestyle.

  • Corporate employee communications also became more personable, conversational and inclusive to underscore the brand’s activation at all levels.

  • AvalonBay is a company of passionate people driven by a responsibility to the world around them and those they live in it with. We brought that energy to their annual corporate responsibility report.