Brand evolution

As one of America’s foremost brands, Allstate is constantly evolving. Recently we collaborated with their leadership and their advertising agency, Leo Burnett, to reframe the idea at the center of being “in good hands” into an active, contemporary platform that enables Allstate to continue innovating and living their iconic brand promise.

  • Evolving a brand begins with strategy but actively happens piece by piece, at every interaction and with every impression. We developed detailed guidelines for expressing and communicating the brand across the customer journey.

  • Allstate’s new take on bringing out the good in life and helping people live better yearned for imagery with a fresh, modern twist. We led the way with a style that was warm, genuine and everyday. The emotions are bigger, the sun brighter, the energy younger.

  • Creating a contemporary system of iconography focused on making it fresh, sure and, most importantly, flexible across digital devices.

Young Households

At a certain age, life dishes out a lot of firsts — first home, first home project, first baby, first crib assembly. Stuff like that. Allstate wanted customers going through it all to know that their agent wasn’t just there to help in life’s tough times. They were there to help make life easier anytime. Stuff like this.

  • 20- and 30-somethings today are different than they were 20 or 30 years ago. Duh. So we directed a photo shoot to capture their world and how they’re living in it.

Allstate Rewards

Have rewards that people want. Lead with that. Make getting the rewards plug-and-play simple, and people love it. Shocker. But this was the refreshingly basic idea behind everything, from guiding how agents talked customers through the details of Allstate Rewards to designing posters and handouts that promoted the program.

Good Life

Allstate has always believed in making people’s lives better, safer and easier. And for them, that has always started at home. It’s why they've gone out of their way to create and nurture a culture that keeps everyone at Allstate healthy and happy. So they can do the same for those they serve.

  • In addition to guidelines for the brand, advanced initiatives for a company as broad and innovative as Allstate — like their internal culture-building Good Life program — require their own identity guidelines.

  • We've cultivated a rich, motivating style for this ongoing wellness program through our creative collaboration with illustrator Jill Calder. The work distinguishes the program across four areas of wellness, each with its own robust set of experiences and communications.

Made Simple

Over decades of product developments and mounting regulations, insurance policies — the documents themselves — had become particularly complex. Yet they were the binding contracts customers were expected to sign. Allstate wanted to help not just customers but all consumers understand the coverage they were getting, the choices they were making and the agreement they were entering into. Simple, right?

  • The simplicity of illustration and design didn’t just cut through the heavy legalese of insurance contracts and everything having to do with them. It also broke through the complexities and confusion people tend to associate with insurance.