Turkey Tips

Our top Thanksgiving tips

The ask: give us your top tip for making Thanksgiving a bit more fun, delicious or thankful. The Simple Truth response: make sure you have plenty of beverages on hand, plus these other tips.


Make place cards for guests following their name with “is thankful for _________.” Scatter some pencils on the table and ask everyone to fill in the blank before they take their first bite.


Add chopped apples, sautéed mushrooms, onions and celery and browned, Italian sausage to corn bread stuffing mix before you put it in the bird.


Instead of spending the day basting your turkey, cover it with bacon and let it self-baste. Later, use the bacon in your gravy!


Do something gracious, anonymously, that’s meant to make someone else grateful.


If you only have one oven and two cooks in the house, use your Weber grill for the turkey. Frees up the oven for stuffing, squash, veggies or any other side dish. Just add coals every hour.


Start roasting your turkey breast-side down so the fat on the bottom of the bird bastes it as it cooks. Halfway through get an extra set of rubber-oven-mitt-clad hands to help you flip the turkey over to finish cooking.

Cesar (Verified by Maura last year)

Use caution if you deep-fry your turkey. My friend burned down his garage two years ago on Thanksgiving. True story.


Whole Foods & Mariano’s will do the whole meal for you. Just need to warm it up.


Always get extra butter and wine. It’s just a good life tip.


Remember to take the stuff out of the bird’s cavity before popping it in the oven.


To really make the turkey juicy and extra flavorful, brine the turkey overnight (preferably 24 hours). Can’t beat it.


Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy…on a roll, in a sandwich.