Simplify your communication to create action

Four tips to creating more compelling content

Many companies struggle with communicating complex products or services in a simple, clear way. This can stifle action by confusing potential customers about the value those products can bring and it can challenge your sales team as they try to connect customer needs with your product or service benefits.

When brand and sales messages are presented in a simpler way, they are better understood, more effectively digested and far more actionable. The question is: how to do it? While there is never a one-size-fits-all solution, there are steps you can take to remove complexity from your communications and sales conversations–and create opportunities for your business to grow.

We’ve put together four practical ideas to help you communicate complex products and services in a simple, easy-to-digest way:

  1. Focus on what matters most: Distill your offering down to its essence and make sure communications focus on its value (as opposed to burdensome features and process details). Some simple tips include rewriting headlines to communicate a benefit and replacing a long process explanation with a simple graphic.
  2. Get an objective look at your sales story: Mock sales calls give companies a chance to use an objective audience to evaluate their sales story and give input. You will find out what is both extraneous and missing from the story, and can modify your communications to address these issues, needs or ideas.
  3. Evaluate the communications journey from a customer’s perspective: Mapping communication touchpoints allows companies to understand when prospects or customers are inundated with too much information and eliminate what’s unnecessary. This alone makes the overall communications experience simpler and clearer.
  4. Streamline and prioritize within communications: Create short, digestible content that’s broken into clear sections, and create typographic and visual hierarchy to enable easier information processing and understanding.

Simple Truth’s work with clients like AON and Allstate illustrates the power of breaking down complex concepts into simple, clear stories that connect with customers. Eliminating complexities from communications should be the goal of every organization. It will enable you to tell more compelling sales or marketing stories and show potential customers the real value of your product or service.