44 four-word stories

Capturing happiness, in four words or less.

The ask: capture the happiest moment you can in four words or less. The Simple Truth response: enthusiastic! Here are 44 of our happy four-word stories. Enjoy!

Winter storm, warm fire.

2. Unlikeliest little heartbeat, heard.

3. Plates emptied, bellies filled.

4. The I.P.A. is A.O.K.

Joy ride

6. It’s benign.

7. Grilled cheese, tomato soup.

8. The cocoon fell, empty.

The quiet before dawn.

10. Friday, 4:57 p.m.

11. I’m not pregnant!

12. Rescue dogs are sweetest.


14. It’s on the house.

15. He knelt. She accepted.

16. For sale: Yiddish dinosaurs.

Out on the water.

18. Hi, mom, it’s me.

19. I can teleport home.

Violet sky behind us.

21. Bell rings, summer.

22. Let go. Wobble. Step.

23. Mommy, play with me.

All bridges unburned.

25. Congratulations, Madam President.

26. Umbrellas shut, then rainbows.

27. The DeLorean’s all yours.

Now they dance.

29. Giggles under a blanket.

30. All the Tupperware, stolen.

31. Cookies freshly baked.

At last, I'm home.

33. Cubs win World Series.

34. I had twins!

35. All you can eat!

Toes in the sand.

37. Found: gently used soulmate.

38. It’s a girl!

39. A sliver entirely removed.


41. Tiny fingers clasp mine.

42. Enough was had.

43. Wings spread, it flew.

He hummed softly.